We're constantly looking for enthralling feminist media to engage with, explore, and obsess over, so show us what you've got! We accept written and visual submissions, and would be thrilled to see any of the following:

-Articles, either fully realized and written or in pitch format

-Interviews with badass feminists who are also artists/writers/witches/dominatrices/sex positive advocates/social justice warriors/cool humans contributing cool things to the betterment of society

-Creative nonfiction and fiction focusing on feminist issues, mental health, body acceptance and discovery, masturbation and sex, cultural critique, etc. 


-Feminist playlists to be featured on our Spotify


-Illustrations, paintings, graphics, collages or any other format your art may choose to take.

To submit, send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as our overworked and under caffeinated selves can!