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Rest, Unraveling, and the Nonlinear Road to Recovery

Particularly for those with my same approach to recovery – a hopefulness that can occasionally border on denial – signs of an impending relapse can sound somewhat of a muted alarm. You want to trust your progress, to know you have grown and learned to handle the worst of it; this is why the alarm is not blaring with abandon.

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Making Amends with My Body: Chronic Illness and Body Image

When I’m in pain, there is nothing but pain. Other people do not speak. Pain dissolves others into disembodied voices, whose cacophony is most annoying because I cannot fathom how it exists amidst the ubiquitous force of my pain. There is nothing and no one that can steal my attention or energy because it is all diverted to the gut-wrenching, who-knows-when-it’s-ending pain.

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