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"Women Make Up 40 Percent of Media, What More Do You Want?" Women in Sports Journalism and the Continuous Fight for Equality

There must be changes made in the future to protect the voices of all writers and uplift the ones that are often overlooked and excuse the idea of that the white male voice is the only one of interest to the American public.

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Where Are All The Ladies In STEM?

With the stereotyping of girls interested in science as nerdy, the lack of encouragement to pursue STEM degrees, and field issues of sexual harassment and fetishization, girls are conditioned to pursue fields other than physics, math, computer science, etc. from the beginning of their education, and this isn’t even the start of the problem.

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"You Too?": The Limitations of the #MeToo Movement in College Campus Activism

While the diverse voices in the #MeToo movement spoke truth to power, this truth is all too often denied for college students. Reporting tactics and penal methods vary by schools, but as statistics show, administrative officials are failing their students in many ways.

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