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What is Missing from the Conversation Around Sexual Assault and Consent

Instead, I deserved to say no to pain and discomfort. These lessons attuned me to my own body, a heightened attention that allowed me to determine, yes that feels good and no that doesn’t feel so good and subsequently establish that a “yes” belonged to sex and a “no” belonged to a sexual act from which I could revoke consent.

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#KAVANOPE: 'Blackout Brett" and the Aftermath

So, my question is, were the members of the committee just drunk enough to ignore all the evidence that Judge Kavanaugh is an aggressive, belligerent drunk with a history of violence and abuse toward women? Or were we all just not drunk enough to not take notice of his history where others refused to look?

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Fame, Capitalism, and...Why Are Abusers Still Rich and Famous Again?

Right now, we stand in the streets, begging for our elected representatives to listen to us. We don’t want to overthrow a regime or usher in an era of radicalism; we just want one man, a right-hand puppet to one of the most powerful abusers in our country, to not hold a position designed for the elite, white male.

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