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Self Slut-Shaming: College Women Talk About Virginity

Despite so much progress, we are still pressured to set standards for ourselves that engender shame. We give others grace, we love to see them empowered, but hold ourselves to different standards. Can we unlearn this and disentangle our self-perceived worth from our “body count”?

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This One is for the Ladies: Female MCs and Hip Hop’s Double Standard

This hurdle is then multiplied when you identify with one of these social groups while working in a field historically, and contemporarily, dominated by heterosexual men. And let’s be honest, how many fields haven’t been historically, and contemporarily, dominated by heterosexual men?

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The Slippery Slope Between Yes and No: Unpacking the Necessary Nuance of Consent

While sexual liberation is certainly a constructive outcome of contemporary feminism, it has also left a large fault line. A grey area not only exists within our culture but persists. As Traister underscores, in our society, “outside of sexual assault, there is little critique of sex.

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