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Self Slut-Shaming: College Women Talk About Virginity

Despite so much progress, we are still pressured to set standards for ourselves that engender shame. We give others grace, we love to see them empowered, but hold ourselves to different standards. Can we unlearn this and disentangle our self-perceived worth from our “body count”?

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Gender Assigned Items: A Roadblock to Embracing Your Gender

Within the U.S., the same gender-based stereotypes have existed for decades; they say women are fragile creatures with an affection for flowers, pink, dolls and cute things. Alternatively, men have always been branded the stronger, tougher of the two genders with appreciation for woodsy activities, cars, blues and greens. Stereotypes reinforce the idea that people must conform to one of the two binary genders, male and female, and the assigning of gender to hygiene products and toys only reinforces this in only providing two choices.  

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