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Female Representation in the Media: Television and Advertising

The brand has become ubiquitous across the world, but is also heavily associated with photoshopped images and overwhelming body negativity. Their catalogs and brand images often depict women without stretch marks, blemishes, birthmarks or any extra weight. What follows this refusal to depict reality? A plethora of young girls struggling with issues of identity and self-image.

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The Green M&M is the Sexiest Sex Symbol We Never Wanted

Through memorable messages, such as this, advertisement teams can prescribe to young impressionable consumers that sarcasm, simpleness, coolness, and sexyness exist in seperate realms, when in reality you can be all of these things, and you should have the capability to do so and not feel like any less

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It's Not "Just Hair." I Promise.

Their school’s dress code cites “restrictions on hair extensions” as the rationale for punishment -- claiming they are a distraction -- yet, when I went to a predominantly white high school, the many white girls who surely wore hair extensions were never sent home for having them, and I’m sure the thought never crossed their minds. Of course, they needn’t worry, because hair extensions themselves aren’t being policed, the black bodies beneath them are.  

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