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Should You Replace Your Tampons and Pads With a Menstrual Cup?

According to independent product-testing results by Women’s Voices for the Earth, a national women’s health nonprofit, four out of the six tampons they tested (Tampax Pearl, U by Kotex, Playtex Sport, and Safe & Soft) contained carbon disulfide, a reproductive toxin.

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Making Amends with My Body: Chronic Illness and Body Image

When I’m in pain, there is nothing but pain. Other people do not speak. Pain dissolves others into disembodied voices, whose cacophony is most annoying because I cannot fathom how it exists amidst the ubiquitous force of my pain. There is nothing and no one that can steal my attention or energy because it is all diverted to the gut-wrenching, who-knows-when-it’s-ending pain.

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A Fair and Lovely World: How History Has Shaped Modern Beauty Standards

While the term “colorism” may be modern, the idea isn’t. It’s been going on for centuries, ever since the division of labor in structured societies created jobs that required more exposure to the sun, creating the split between tan workers and pale aristocrats. Here began the association between status and skin color.

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