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Shut Your Mouth, Nancy, and Go Make Us Some Coffee, Will You? : Navigating Discussions of the Glass Ceiling in Media and Life

As the men, the writers at the newspaper we learn, belittle Nancy as Jonathon gets off free, it is concerning that we are less bothered by the blatant reality we see today on and off the tv screen. We even watch Jonathon witness his girlfriend sinking and with shallow affirmation, tells her to “buck up,” and “they’ll warm up to you.”

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Where Are All The Ladies In STEM?

With the stereotyping of girls interested in science as nerdy, the lack of encouragement to pursue STEM degrees, and field issues of sexual harassment and fetishization, girls are conditioned to pursue fields other than physics, math, computer science, etc. from the beginning of their education, and this isn’t even the start of the problem.

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