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Watch Your Language: The Importance of Rhetoric in Creating Safe Spaces

There’s multiple ways that language can be exclusive. Some might not be as obvious as the incident at my workplace, but we should all be aware of them and be cognizant of the many ways language can impact a person’s sense of safety and acceptance.

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White Professionalism and Code Switching: How White Supremacy is Sustained in the Workforce

Acting white is often seen as a strategy to be seen in the workplace or society, and a huge part of this strategy that is often reinforced is the presentation of hair. Primarily Black women face discrimination in the workplace because of their natural hair.

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Gender Assigned Items: A Roadblock to Embracing Your Gender

Within the U.S., the same gender-based stereotypes have existed for decades; they say women are fragile creatures with an affection for flowers, pink, dolls and cute things. Alternatively, men have always been branded the stronger, tougher of the two genders with appreciation for woodsy activities, cars, blues and greens. Stereotypes reinforce the idea that people must conform to one of the two binary genders, male and female, and the assigning of gender to hygiene products and toys only reinforces this in only providing two choices.  

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