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Making Amends with My Body: Chronic Illness and Body Image

When I’m in pain, there is nothing but pain. Other people do not speak. Pain dissolves others into disembodied voices, whose cacophony is most annoying because I cannot fathom how it exists amidst the ubiquitous force of my pain. There is nothing and no one that can steal my attention or energy because it is all diverted to the gut-wrenching, who-knows-when-it’s-ending pain.

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Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic! But Is It Feminist?: The Cosmetic Surgery Conundrum

By elevating specific images, specific aesthetics, specific beauty standards, we hammer into the minds of confused, insecure teenagers, twenty-somethings, and middle aged people that what they’re working with isn’t good enough and might warrant actual medical adjustment.

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Words Matter: How "Harmless" Comments Have Affected My Body Image Over the Years

I grew up plus-sized. I have always felt uncomfortable with my body and how I looked, and the comments I heard or read often made it worse. From a young age, I struggled not to internalize those comments and use them for my own self-destruction and self-sabotage, but failed.

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