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How the Baroque Movement Revolutionized My Ideal Form of Feminism and Female Sexuality

The sense that Baroque art gives you is the sense of reaffirmation, that you somehow relate to the drama presented in mythological allusions. That the light and the dark can intertwine so perfectly, and that consistency might not be your strong suit and that is okay. 

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The Great Barbie Debate: 1959 to 2016

As of 2016, the debate has continued even further, with Mattel unveiling new Barbie dolls in three new body shapes -- petite, tall and curvy -- with seven options of skin tone. The new body types have the potential to impact both girls’ and boys' expectations of body image, says Florence Williams, a visiting scholar at George Washington University's public health school and author of Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History.

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Uncomfortably Curious: Menstruation as a Medium and Visual Chaos- An Interview with Queer Artist Nikki Zuaro

As for subject matter, Zuaro explores various social taboos revolving around the body, mental illness, sexuality, and menstruation. It is her goal to shock viewers in order to grab then hold their attention in order to demystify the subject and offer a platform for educating about these taboo topics.

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