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An Intrauterine Device and the Uphill Battle to Understand Female Pain

I keep telling myself that a crazy heavy flow and the constant consumption of Advil isn’t that bad. And in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t. But the fact that women simultaneously give up  control of their bodies to gain it back in another aspect demonstrates that there is more work to be done.

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Birth Control and the Cantankerous Patriarchy

That is the core reasoning as to why most opposing individuals reject women’s accessibility to birth control. Of course, this isn’t a new tactic for the Religious Right, one of the main opponents of pretty much anything have to do with female liberties/empowerment. Their rhetoric consists near entirely of “women should be subservient” and “birth control turns your uterus into a graveyard”.

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The Misconceptions of Contraceptives

Birth control does prevent pregnancy in women who aren’t ready to have children, but it does so much more. Among preventing certain types of cancer, birth control clears acne, regulates periods in women with irregular periods or hormone imbalances, help with disorders surrounding a girls’ period, and lessen the severity of periods.

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