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Getting 'Hot & Bothered': Interview With Creator Leah Byrd On Her Web Series About A QTPOC Dating App That Transforms The Midwest

Byrd stars as our down-to-earth hero Liz, who acknowledges that there isn’t a dating app that caters specifically to QTPOC. She then creates and launches the app SCZR, the “lesbian Grindr”, and soon finds that it has opened the (closet) door for an entire community that had previously been excluded. Hot & Bothered matches the authenticity and slapstick humor of Broad City with Byrd’s knack for capturing just what it means to be young, queer, and out of sync with your hometown.

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Uncomfortably Curious: Menstruation as a Medium and Visual Chaos- An Interview with Queer Artist Nikki Zuaro

As for subject matter, Zuaro explores various social taboos revolving around the body, mental illness, sexuality, and menstruation. It is her goal to shock viewers in order to grab then hold their attention in order to demystify the subject and offer a platform for educating about these taboo topics.

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