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The Fundamentals Surrounding the Rhetoric of New York's New Abortion Law

“No one is talking about pregnancy and childbirth in a trans inclusive way. We need to separate gender from the ability to reproduce, but we only talk about removing uteruses and then acting like they never existed.” New York's recent law was a major improvement to abortion access and rhetoric in the United States but there must also be further implication that embeds inclusivity.

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Abortion Repeal Reveals Greener Pastures

The recent sociopolitical climate both domestic and abroad has all but completely destroyed the confidence most US citizens have in our safety inside the country -- especially those of us who are less privileged than your average Republican. Many have been looking to escape to safety in other countries like Ireland and quite a few of them consider the overturn of the Eighth Amendment to be the last of a series of hurdles to make the country ideal.

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