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Fame, Capitalism, and...Why Are Abusers Still Rich and Famous Again?

Right now, we stand in the streets, begging for our elected representatives to listen to us. We don’t want to overthrow a regime or usher in an era of radicalism; we just want one man, a right-hand puppet to one of the most powerful abusers in our country, to not hold a position designed for the elite, white male.

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"You Too?": The Limitations of the #MeToo Movement in College Campus Activism

While the diverse voices in the #MeToo movement spoke truth to power, this truth is all too often denied for college students. Reporting tactics and penal methods vary by schools, but as statistics show, administrative officials are failing their students in many ways.

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The Slippery Slope Between Yes and No: Unpacking the Necessary Nuance of Consent

While sexual liberation is certainly a constructive outcome of contemporary feminism, it has also left a large fault line. A grey area not only exists within our culture but persists. As Traister underscores, in our society, “outside of sexual assault, there is little critique of sex.

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