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I am Jack's Imperfection Anxiety

When women are uncomfortable with mistakes and flaws -- both of which are evidence of simple humanness -- it prohibits them from maximizing their potential, enjoying their lives, and acknowledging their achievements. The simple fact that women only apply for jobs if they meet 100% of the qualifications (compared to men who apply if they meet 60%) makes clear that this feeling many of us are far too familiar with is legitimately stifling our success.

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Another List of Unfortunately Disappointing "Opinions"

Also, we keep using an outdated, cruel form of torture as punishment that can often result in negative mental side effects like extreme paranoia, delirium, and often anxiety and overwhelming depression upon release. As if our practices weren’t archaic enough.

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How a Woman's Razor Company is Working to Defeat Body Hair Stigmatization

To defy culturally-embedded stereotypes of what female bodies should look like is a radical, empowering act that imbues womxn with a confidence that can carry over into real life. In this sense, Instagram is acting as a catalyst for change, and Billie’s choice to launch across a visually-based platform is an effective one.

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