Find Your Happy Place

By Gabriella Blanco

Image: Thrive Global

Image: Thrive Global

When anything from the news to assignments start to wear you down, chances are that all you want to do more than anything is run and hide.

This way of thinking is extremely common, and there are actually ways to escape from life’s hardships that don’t include drastic actions like dipping from your job, packing a bag with the basics, and deciding to disappear into the mountains because you hate your commute (even if that does sound cool).

Finding your “happy place” when life’s got you down does not always require travel. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of earphones.

Audio escapism is easier than ever thanks to our smartphones and all of the downloadable apps that make it possible. Music, podcasts, and audiobooks can take listeners on a journey in just a few minutes, and many have the ability to work offline so you don’t have to worry about not being able to listen to your favorites when you’re somewhere with poor reception.

Close your eyes and listen to the voice in your ear sing your worries away or spin you a tale that instantly grabs your attention.

Are you more visual? A television show (a classic or even a trendy up-and-comer), movie, book, or comic may be more suitable for you.

Now, be careful if you decide to binge a decades-worth of a sitcom in a day! Studies have shown that binge-watching may not be good for us, as it may increase our risks of diseases and mess with our mental health. But you can easily combat this by watching things in intervals and taking time between episodes to move your body. Check out all of these stretches and workouts that you can do right there in your living room if you need some inspiration.

Health scares aside, finding yourself in a world not your own for just half an hour is something we all appreciate.

But what if you want to give your senses a break?

Try  a digital detox in a quiet spot. It can be indoors or out, as long as you are positive that it is silent compared to the places that you usually occupy during your day-to-day.

Based on the place you call home, there could be difficulties to finding some peace and quiet (loud neighbors, busy street outside, traffic and construction sounds), but that’s okay.

Earplugs are one of the most underappreciated inventions and can be used anywhere! Most brands bring a to-go case for your plugs in the packaging, making carrying them in your pocket or your bag easy. Sit in a cozy corner of your house or a clearing outside – as long as you stay awake and take safety precautions – then plug up to silence the world for a few moments, letting your mind wander.

What if you do want to get away?

Do it!

There are so many ways to enjoy the outside and, depending on where you live, travel is not always a hassle.

Visit a café for a drink, check out a new exhibit at a museum, go see a movie, see a local production of a play, or just lie in the sun at the park; the choices are truly endless in a world as large as this one.

In the end, what makes the perfect happy place is being able to find what it is that makes you happier than anything. You could even create your own escape through drawing, writing, or whatever medium comes naturally to you!

The quest for your happiness does not have to rushed or immediate. Take your time while trying a little bit of everything until you can pick the activities that you love the most and create a routine that works with your schedule.

Have fun, and you’ll feel yourself smiling in no time.


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