Jeff Bezos Makes Too Much Money

By Jack O’ Dwyer

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Jeff Bezos Makes over $3,000 a second.

The average Amazon company employee makes about $30,000 a year. It takes Amazon CEO Jeffrey Preston Bezos 10 seconds to make that much — if not more. The cost to ensure clean water in Flint, Michigan was estimated at $395 million. Amazon CEO Jeffrey Preston Bezos makes $275 million in a day. In 2016, the annual cost to care for the homeless in New York City was approximately $1.6 billion. The net worth of Amazon CEO Jeffrey Preston Bezos reached $132 billion this year. Let’s be clear, Jeff Bezos isn’t the worst human being on planet Earth. There are just too many individuals living in these exact circumstances for him to objectively be the epitome of atrocity. We have to start somewhere, however, and nobody needs $12 million an hour while some are still struggling to hit $11 flat — let alone the $15 needed to break even solely on living.