“Slut...Whore...Probably a Hillary supporter”

All of the sexually autonomous among us have heard one of these before. It’s an unfortunate reality that terms such as these tend to be synonymous with an oppressive shame culture that wants to keep female-identifying and non binary people from discovering their power. Slutmouth’s aim is to fight back against the powers that try to keep us quiet. We’re about ripping apart the barriers of what’s culturally acceptable and imbuing ourselves with a power that the white-male-corporate-patriarchy never wanted us to know about.

“Slutmouth” was born from a derogatory slur once used to defame womxn who harnessed the power of their sexual and bodily autonomy. We’re subverting that terminology and reclaiming the power it once had, taking back what belongs to us.

Slutmouth is an inclusive digital space, aimed at elevating the voices and power of intersectional feminists everywhere. We’re a zine-turned-website that encourages and welcomes all genres of feminist media and the people who create it. We're a work in progress and constantly evolving. Slutmouth is for the people who feel too loud, too fat, too slutty, too passionate, too angry, too mentally ill, too heavy, too much.

Slutmouth is about reclaiming power over things that are intended to inflict shame upon us, it’s a call for radical slutty self acceptance, a giant “FUCK YOU” to anyone who thinks that active agency over our bodies, thoughts, sexual pursuits, and general well being should be restrained by antiquated sociocultural expectations.

Our goal is to provide room for the increasingly radical feminists among us, for the marginalized voices that aren’t always allowed space in the narrative of the greater feminist conversation. We aim to create a place to share the everyday problems that plague each of us, and to bring awareness to ones that privilege shields some of us from. We aim to forge a community that celebrates the divine and uniquely creative power of self-acceptance in each of us, regardless of where you are on your journey to self-acceptance, the color of your skin, the mental and physical abilities you possess, the sexual interests you pursue, what’s at the apex of your thighs, or the labels you give to yourself.


We’re here for you baby, let’s go get em’