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Maggie Kurnyta

Fresh off the heels of graduating with dual English and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies majors, I hope to shed light on the power of voice as a form of activism. Stories incorporate unique lived experiences, and while I certainly can't speak for anyone other than myself, I know that words are start and end movements. In my free time, I love reading young adult fiction, attending pop-punk concerts, and making all kinds of stickers (yes, you read that right)! I'm always looking for reading recommendations and intersectional feminist conversation, and you'll almost always find me laughing at just about anything because my laugh threshold is very, very low! Also, catch me analyzing Disney songs just as often as I belt them at the top of my lungs because we all have a little bad feminist in us.

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Hope Taylor

Hope is a college student studying sociology in Florida. She has a burning passion for feminism, bad jokes, illustration, and female-fronted rock music.


Monique Vitche

Monique is a social media content creator and storyteller based in New Jersey, and have written for The Mighty, Tremr, The Pillar and Medium. They previously worked as a Project Coordinator/Social Media Specialist in Northern New Jersey. Monique is passionate about issues surrounding mental health, disabilities, chronic illness and equal pay


Sierra Blumenthal

23. Dyke from the Midwest. Pisces. Fresh out of grad school and learning to breathe again. Got an M.A. in Art History from SUNY Binghamton with a concentration in semiotics, conceptual text-art, and feminist performance art. I think about poetry and women like 24/7, that's where my life took me, that's just how shit happened to go.

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Kileigh Ford

Kileigh is a rising college junior from Westchester, New York. She attends Denison University in Granville, Ohio where she is pursuing a major in Anthropology and Sociology with a Journalism concentration and minor in Physics. When she’s not writing about female empowerment, she’s attempting to discover new planets, find the world’s best tasting pickle, and pet every cute dog she sees.


Dakota Divinity

Dakota Divinity. They/Them. NYC Transplant. Freelance writter, daydreamer, human rights activist, and self proclaimed coffee addict.


Jack O'Dwyer

Jack O'Dwyer is a 21 year-old lesbian New Yorker whose hobbies include video games, creative writing, fighting with misogynists over the internet, and her dog. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and hopes to later acquire a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her goals for the future are to absolutely demolish the stigma surrounding mental health and to adopt more dogs


Bailey Hosfelt

Bailey Hosfelt is a New York City-based writer with one lap around the collegiate track left at Fordham University. Majoring in Journalism and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, she is passionate about wearing overalls as an adult and discussing the difference between fuckboys and fuckbois with strangers at parties, preferably on a couch in the corner of the room. Known to say she has questions and needs answers, Bailey is game to strip topics of their unnecessary taboo and get to talking. She foresees herself having to reassure at least one conservative relative that no, this isn’t porn site, but welcomes the challenge with open arms. You can read her previous work in Untapped Cities and The Fordham Ram.

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Elizabeth F. Olson

Elizabeth F. Olson is an amateur but aggressive pop culture critic residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a Sagittarius. When she's not waxing poetic about Lindy West, she also writes about mental illness, dating and sexuality.


Ciana Alessi

Ciana just graduated from SUNY University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in English and is starting her M.A. in Global Gender & Sexuality Studies this fall. Although longing for the north west — where she can enjoy the rain, greenery, and plentiful vegan treats with her boyfriend — she’s from buffalo, NY, where she enjoys reading, (attempting to) paint, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for outfit inspiration and major girl power vibes. She hopes to break down European beauty standards and challenge cultural appropriation one day at a time, all while maintaining her burgeoning natural hair.

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Sam Stroozas

Gemini, journalist and intersectional feminist college student from La Crosse Wisconsin. Enjoys being a critical consumer of media and questioning the norms embedded within all of us. Halloween enthusiast with a passion for ethical writing and empowering all women.

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Amanda Cartigiano

26. New York raised. New Mexico living. I write essays, poetry, and creative nonfiction. I studied creative writing and gender & women’s studies. You will always see a book in one hand and coffee in the other. I binge watch Friends when I’m not writing and occasionally identify as Chandler and Phoebe.

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Deniz Zengin

20. Broadcast Journalism major with a Public Relations minor at William Paterson University. Loves writing, pop punk music, makeup and coffee.