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Maggie Kurnyta

Fresh off the heels of graduating with dual English and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies majors, I hope to shed light on the power of voice as a form of activism. Stories incorporate unique lived experiences, and while I certainly can't speak for anyone other than myself, I know that words are start and end movements. In my free time, I love reading young adult fiction, attending pop-punk concerts, and making all kinds of stickers (yes, you read that right)! I'm always looking for reading recommendations and intersectional feminist conversation, and you'll almost always find me laughing at just about anything because my laugh threshold is very, very low! Also, catch me analyzing Disney songs just as often as I belt them at the top of my lungs because we all have a little bad feminist in us.


Monique Vitche

Monique is a social media content creator and storyteller based in New Jersey, and have written for The Mighty, Tremr, The Pillar and Medium. They previously worked as a Project Coordinator/Social Media Specialist in Northern New Jersey. Monique is passionate about issues surrounding mental health, disabilities, chronic illness and equal pay


Sierra Blumenthal

23. Dyke from the Midwest. Pisces. Fresh out of grad school and learning to breathe again. Got an M.A. in Art History from SUNY Binghamton with a concentration in semiotics, conceptual text-art, and feminist performance art. I think about poetry and women like 24/7, that's where my life took me, that's just how shit happened to go.


Dakota Divinity

Dakota Divinity. They/Them. NYC Transplant. Freelance writter, daydreamer, human rights activist, and self proclaimed coffee addict.


Jack O'Dwyer

Jack O'Dwyer is a 21 year-old lesbian New Yorker whose hobbies include video games, creative writing, fighting with misogynists over the internet, and her dog. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and hopes to later acquire a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her goals for the future are to absolutely demolish the stigma surrounding mental health and to adopt more dogs

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Elizabeth F. Olson

Elizabeth F. Olson is an amateur but aggressive pop culture critic residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a Sagittarius. When she's not waxing poetic about Lindy West, she also writes about mental illness, dating and sexuality.


Ciana Alessi

Ciana just graduated from SUNY University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in English and is starting her M.A. in Global Gender & Sexuality Studies this fall. Although longing for the north west — where she can enjoy the rain, greenery, and plentiful vegan treats with her boyfriend — she’s from buffalo, NY, where she enjoys reading, (attempting to) paint, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for outfit inspiration and major girl power vibes. She hopes to break down European beauty standards and challenge cultural appropriation one day at a time, all while maintaining her burgeoning natural hair.

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Sam Stroozas

Gemini, journalist and intersectional feminist college student from La Crosse Wisconsin. Enjoys being a critical consumer of media and questioning the norms embedded within all of us. Halloween enthusiast with a passion for ethical writing and empowering all women.

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Emily Spennato

Emily is quickly (and against her own will) coming to the end of her senior year. She is 5'11" and never lets that discourage her from rocking a pair of stilettos. She's a mac and cheese connoisseur and a proud member of the no-carb-left-behind club, and finds magic in every city she visits. When she graduates in May with a degree in journalism and creative writing, she hopes to move somewhere amazing and pursue a career in magazines.


Adara Mitchell

Adara. A "Queen from Queens" who spends her free time bumping raunchy girl rap, watching FRIENDS and spending her rent money on UberEats. When she not free, she's designing for her plus-size fashion brand, posting to her blog, or nurturing her growing collection of door knockers and vulgar statement tees. She's super excited to fight the patriarchy while learning everything she can about the magazine machine in hopes of living out her black Atoosa Rubenstein fantasy.

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Emily Ferman

Emily (or “Em”, as her grandma calls her) has never met a cat she doesn’t like. When she’s not reading The New Yorker or sitting in Central Park, she’s definitely looking for another excellent record to add to her vinyl collection. She loves Billy Joel, fried pickles, sitting on the steps of The Met, and looking for apartments she can’t afford on StreetEasy. If she wasn’t so set on living in New York, she’d move right back to London, where she spent half a year eating all the best food and traveling to all the coolest places. A recent graduate of Binghamton University with a B.A. in English Lit, Em hopes to move to the city by the end of this year and own a bookstore/ coffee shop one day.


Tracy Naschek

Tracy, she/her, English major, gluten- and dairy-free but willing to break if you have a worthwhile suggestion, both the smallest and loudest person in any given room, loves to dance, Jew(ish), wants to talk to you about your feelings, likes long walks on the beach and ranting about the patriarchy !


Madeline Kennedy

Madeline Kennedy is an editorial intern with Slutmouth. A writer and researcher based in Chicago, her work has appeared in Grimoire, Vagabond City, and Persephone's Daughters. She's also a master's candidate in American Studies at the University of Alabama, where she mostly thinks about women, sex, and violence in visual culture and counterculture. She is almost always eager to discuss Manson girls.

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Abby Marton

Abby is currently a senior at The New School and is studying journalism and design. She is also the textbook definition of a Cancer (sun & moon) and a self-certified horror movie fanatic. Abby resides in New York City where she spends most of her time reading mainly non-fiction and writing.

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Micaela Freeman

Micaela Freeman is an editorial intern at Slutmouth. As a third year studying English Literature and Art History at Providence College, Micaela avidly writes her feelings on the Internet. With her shared art history twitter (@lesbianarthist) and personal blog (micaelafreeman.wordpress), writing is her passion. Micaela’s writing loves to challenge the accepted ideals of patriarchy, sexuality, and emotional engagement, specially when it comes to politics and activism. Micaela’s work has appeared in multiple literary magazines including The Phoenix and Maury Life and she hopes to publish her scholarship in Miltonic literature upon attending graduate school in the fall of May 2020. She is a current member of the Providence College Galleries team where she writes about current and past exhibitions and tends to the gallery. When not writing or studying in the heart of Providence at a coffee shop or at RISD, she is thinking about your sun sign, Maggie Rogers, and her two cats, Theo and Rochester.